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We’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

Forms for our accounts and investments

Here are some of our most popular forms for you to download and print.

Remember that you can apply quickly online for most of our accounts and investments. Before you apply, please make sure you’ve read the information you need to decide whether the investment is right for you.

See our products

65+ Guaranteed Growth Bonds

Children's Bonds

Direct ISA

Direct Saver

Fixed Interest Savings Certificates

Guaranteed Growth Bonds

Guaranteed Income Bonds

Income Bonds

Index-linked Savings Certificates

Investment Account

Investment Guaranteed Growth Bonds

Junior ISA

Premium Bonds

Grandparents and great-grandparents can only apply for Premium Bonds for their grandchild or great-grandchild by post.

Residual Account

You can use this form to withdraw your money from the following accounts:

  • Children's Bonus Bonds
  • Easy Access Savings Account
  • Ordinary Account
  • Deposit Bonds
  • Save As You Earn
  • Yearly Plan
  • Gift Tokens
  • Savings Stamps
  • British Savings Bonds

Residual Account repayment application form

Applying on behalf of someone else

Want to apply on behalf of someone else under a Power of Attorney or as a Deputy or Receiver?

Our guide to acting on behalf of someone else

You can use the following forms to apply, but please read our guide before you do so.

Other forms

Online and phone service

Updating your details

Registered for our online and phone service? You can update your details by logging in or calling us. If not, use the forms below.

Change of nominated bank account form (any NS&I account or investment)

Premium Bonds change of details form (Premium Bonds only)

To change your details for any other NS&I accounts or investments, you’ll need to write to us.

Write to us

Have more than one account with us? Don’t worry, we’ll update your details for all of them.

Tracing Service

Death Claims