Children's Bonds

Children’s Bonds are no longer on sale. Find out how to manage your current Bonds if they’re coming up for maturity, or if you need to cash in early.

Managing your maturing Bonds

We’ll write to you around a month before your Bonds mature explaining the options available to you. Your options will be different depending on how old the child is or if you now own your Bonds as an adult.

You’ll be able to manage your maturity options in the letter we send you, or you can log in to your online account and manage your options at any time.

Cashing in early

Children’s Bonds are designed to be held for the whole of your chosen investment term. You can cash in at the end of a term with no penalty or loss of interest.

If you cash in early we will deduct a penalty from your payment, equivalent to 90 days’ interest on the amount cashed in.

When you cash in part of the Bonds, at least £25 must remain in the Bonds to keep it open.

How to cash in

If you’re registered to manage your savings online, you can log in at any time to cash in your Bonds.

Not registered?

If you're not registered and your child is under 16 you can also cash in Children's Bonds online without having to create an account.

Cash in Children's Bonds for under 16s

If you're not registered and you or your child is over 16 or you prefer the post can fill out the cashing in form below:

Download a cashing in form