Investment Account

A simple, easy-access savings account you can manage by post.

Essentials at a glance

What's the interest rate?
0.01% gross/AER
Can you take money out?
Yes: no notice and no penalty
Will you pay tax?
Yes: tax on your gross interest
What's the min. to pay in?
What's the max. to pay in?
£1 million per person

Great for you if …

  • You want a straightforward savings account by post
  • You want easy access to your money
  • You want a savings account for a child or grandchild

Maybe not for you if …

  • You want a fixed interest rate
  • You want a regular income from your savings
  • You want to use your account online and by phone
  • You prefer to use your account in-branch

Investment Account FAQs

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