Premium Bonds

A fun way to save, with the chance to win tax-free prizes each month.

Essentials at a glance

What are the odds of winning?
21,000 to 1 (for every £1 Bond) from the September 2023 prize draw
What's the annual prize fund rate?
4.65%  from the September 2023 prize draw
Will you pay tax?
No. All prizes are tax-free.
What's the min. to pay in?
What's the max. to pay in?

Great for you if …

  • You fancy winning tax-free prizes, up to £1 million
  • You have £25 or more to save
  • You want to make the most of tax-free saving
  • You want to buy a savings gift for children under 16

Not for you if …

  • You want a regular income
  • You're looking for guaranteed returns
  • You're concerned about inflation
  • You want to save jointly with someone else

Premium Bonds FAQs

How it works

Your Bonds and the prize draw

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