Need extra support?

Sometimes we all need extra help to get something done – that’s why here to support you when you need it most.

We know that help can mean different things to different people, so we offer help to everyone individually.

Let us know what help you need and with your consent we’ll add this information to your account, making sure it’s set up in a way that suits you best. It also means we’ll know for next time if you need to contact us again.

We’ll then - with your consent - update your account so that the next time you contact us, we’ll know how best to help you manage your savings based on your needs.

How to let us know

All you need to do is call or write to us and let us know you need extra support.

Call us free from the UK on 08085 007 007

Or from outside the UK on +44 1772 329880

Write to us at NS&I, Sunderland SR43 2SB

If you’re not registered for our online and phone service, get in touch and we can discuss how best to support you.

If you have any specific needs – for example, if you’d like large print letters and brochures – let us know. You don’t have to tell us everything if you don’t want to, as long as we have enough information to help.

How we can help

If you need us to change how we communicate with you, we offer various options including:

  • Documents in an accessible font
  • Large print documents
  • Documents in Braille
  • Documents in audio CD
  • Documents that can support screen-reading software

Resources for digital skills

AbilityNet is a UK charity that offers free online courses and step by step guides on how to adapt your computer, phone or tablet to meet your needs. Their online resource ‘My Computer My Way’ can make it easier for you to use your devices.

Explore ‘My Computer My Way’

The National Careers Service also offers free, self-paced online courses for Computer Essentials.

Explore Computer Essentials

Learn My Way can help you gain digital skills for daily life, including how to use a computer, the internet, send emails and access online shopping and banking.

Explore Learn My Way

Finding a library in your local area is another way to explore learning resources for digital skills. Many libraries will have access to computers with free online courses.

Your local library services

Keeping safe online

We want to be a safe home for your savings and take steps to keep your money safe and your accounts secure.

If you have concerns about the security of your NS&I accounts, call us straight away.

To find out more about how to spot phone call, text message and email scams, as well as tips on how to keep your account safe, visit our security help pages.

Our online security promise


We aim to make our digital services accessible, whatever your needs. Our accessibility statement sets out our commitment and approach.

We’re working to make our website and mobile apps accessible for everyone – our accessibility page has more information about how we meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

Read our accessibility statement