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Save your way with accounts that let you put something away. And take it out again whenever you need it to.

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Premium Bonds

Premium Bonds

1.00% annual prize fund rate

A fun way to save, with the chance to win tax-free prizes each month.

Invest from £25 to £50,000.

Income Bonds

Income Bonds


An easy access savings account that pays your interest monthly, direct to your bank.

Invest from £500 to £1 million.

Direct Saver

Direct Saver


An easy access savings account that pays your interest yearly, to top up your savings.

Invest from £1 to £2 million.


Direct ISA


Save up to £20,000 without paying a penny in tax on the interest.

Invest from £1 to £20,000 in the tax year 2022/23.

Investment Account

Investment Account


A simple, easy-access savings account you can only manage by post.

Invest from £20 to £1 million.

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Saving. It’s what we do.

Saving is hard enough, so why put obstacles in the way? We’re different from the rest, and only focus on savings accounts.

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"I could pretty much carry on as normal, without having to worry as much."

Self-employed Gary got the shock of his life when he realised his regular saving had paid off in a big way.

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