Improved security

We're introducing extra security to your NS&I account

Logging in to your NS&I account is about to become a little different. This is because we’ll soon be introducing some new and improved security features.

In this blog, we'll explain what this means for you.

Authentication is getting an upgrade

Checking that it's really you is one of the ways we're able to keep your savings safe and secure. We call this authentication. Right now, your NS&I number and password are two ways that we make sure it’s you when you log in to your NS&I account. Unfortunately, scammers are becoming more and more sophisticated, which is why banks are now introducing ways to make authentication more secure. You'll soon notice some additional security features when logging in to your NS&I account.

How two-factor authentication works

Two-factor authentication is an extra layer of protection used to ensure the security of online accounts beyond just a username and password.

  1. Something you know

    A piece of information that only you know, like a password

  2. Something you have

    A device that you own, like your mobile phone

  3. Something you are

    A characteristic unique to you, like your fingerprint or your face

2FA means you need to provide information from at least two out of these three factors.

What to expect

The way you log in to your NS&I account with your NS&I number and password will remain the same. The main change is that there will be some additional steps to add an extra layer of security to your accounts.

You’ll need to complete these additional steps at least once, but not every time you log in.

Make sure we have your phone number

So that you can continue to have a seamless experience when logging in to your NS&I account, we need to have your up-to-date phone number.

You can check and update your phone numbers by logging into your NS&I account.

Check your phone numbers

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