Managing your savings

  • Your Premium Bonds prizes

    How to check for prizes, what information you'll need and how to get your prizes.

  • Managing your savings online

    How to save with our online and phone service and how to get registered.

  • How to top up your savings

    There's a few different ways to add money to your NS&I savings - here's how.

  • Checking your payment's been received

    What to do if you make a payment to us but you're not sure it's gone through.

  • Withdrawing from your savings

    How to take money out of your account and how long it takes to receive it.

  • Checking the value of your investments

    How to get a quick valuation of your NS&I investments, online or by phone.

  • Merge your NS&I accounts

    What to do if you want to merge multiple NS&I accounts.

  • Switching accounts

    How to move some or all money from one NS&I account to another.

  • Owning your account when you turn 16

    Everything you'll need to know when your account becomes your own.

  • Managing your maturing investments

    What to do with Bonds or certificates that are maturing or now unavailable.

  • Paying tax on your savings

    When you'll need to pay tax on your savings interest and when you won't.

  • Keeping your account safe

    Follow our tips for keeping all of your details safe and secure online.

  • Saving with us if you live outside the UK

    If you live overseas, you may still be able to save with us.

  • Letting us know when you need extra support

    Let us know if you need extra support with your account, so we can help in a way that suits you.