Switching NS&I accounts

By switching we mean moving some or all of the money you have in an existing NS&I account to a new account you open with us.

How to switch your money from one NS&I product to another

Some of our accounts can be switched using a simple online form, without needing to log in.

To switch to another NS&I account, choose from one of the accounts on this page and complete the relevant form, including the amount you want to switch and the NS&I account you are switching it from.

Once we receive your completed form we’ll open the new account and move the money across from your existing NS&I account. We’ll send you confirmation of this.

If you tell us on the form that you want to close the account you are switching from, we’ll automatically pay any remaining balance to your nominated bank or building society account on our records.

Or, if we don't hold this information, we will pay it to the bank or building society account you nominate for your new NS&I account.

Switching FAQs

If you, or someone whose account you look after, need extra support we're here to help