Owning your account when you turn 16

As soon as you turn 16, you become responsible for your own NS&I account(s). The easiest way to manage them is to use our online service.

You’ll need to complete a registration form and send it to us first. This is because we need someone to witness your signature as proof of identity.

Once we have this, you’ll be able to manage your accounts online (except for Investment Account, which can only be managed by post).

Download a registration form

Please ask a witness (anyone over 18, but not a family member) to write the following in a covering letter, which they’ll need to sign and date: "I certify that (your name) signed the enclosed form in my presence and that I am not a member of the same family".

We'll also need your witness to print their name, address and occupation in the same letter. Please send the letter to us with the completed form.