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How can we help?

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

Coronavirus: help us to help you

We understand that this is a worrying time for our customers, so we’re doing whatever we can to continue our essential services during this exceptional time, while looking after the health of our colleagues.

Your money remains 100% safe with us, as we are backed by HM Treasury.

What we’re doing

We haven’t got as many of our customer service team available as usual, so we can’t offer our full range of services at the moment. Our top priority is to help customers who need to take money out or pay money in. Everything else will take longer than usual.

How you can help

  1. Please do everything you can online if you are already registered for our online and phone service. See below for what you can do online.
  2. Only call us if you absolutely have to. Our telephone teams are smaller at the moment, so we need to keep our phone lines clear for customers who don’t have online access.
  3. Don’t send us anything by post unless you have no other choice.
  4. Please don’t change your nominated bank account for receiving withdrawals, unless you no longer have access to that account.

What you can do online

If you’re already registered for our online service, you can:

  • check your balance
  • take money out or pay it in
  • choose to have any Premium Bonds prizes paid to your bank account
  • transfer between your NS&I accounts
  • give us instructions when a fixed term investment matures
  • update your personal details

If you normally do this by phone, you can log in online instead using the same password and your NS&I number.

Forgotten your log in details?

There’s no need to call, you can get a reminder of your NS&I number or reset your password quickly and easily on our Log in page.

Log in

Premium Bonds

It's business as usual for ERNIE. The Premium Bonds prize draw is going ahead as normal and we'll still be paying out prizes every month. We've answered some of the most popular questions here, including how to have prizes paid straight to your bank account.

Coronavirus: prize draw FAQs

Staying safe online

Some people may use this time as an opportunity to trick others into sharing personal or financial information. We have a handy guide to remain safe while online.

Online security guarantee

Not registered for our online service and want to pay money in?

The quickest way to pay money in to an existing NS&I account is to make a transfer from your bank account.

Find out how to make a bank transfer to NS&I

Have you posted something to us recently and not heard back?

We are processing postal correspondence and forms as soon as we can, but it is taking longer than normal. Please don’t call us for an update unless you have an urgent need.

Updates to this page

We’ll update this page whenever we have more information to share with you.

Last updated: 31 March 2020