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Why go paper-free?

By choosing to go paperless, you’ll be able to access your documents more quickly and safely online.

Really, who likes coming home to a heap of letters on the doormat? They all look the same, they’re annoying to open, and then you’ve got to file them away or shred them.

Ok, there is that, but on a more serious note we’re trying to do what we can to reduce our carbon footprint, and we need you to help us do that.

Aside from being the greener option, there are some other great reasons to go paper-free:

It’s safe

With paper-free you won't be relying on letters to come through the post. Less reliance on postal services means less chance your personal data falling into the wrong hands. Instead, all your documents are safely stored in your online and telephone account, which can only be accessed by you.

It’s easy

You won’t need to file away any paperwork, which saves you time and also means you don’t need to rummage through stacks of paper to find the info you’re looking for. Your online account lets you access all of your statements right when you need them.

It’s quick

You’ll be able to view your statements in your online account as soon as they become available. If you’ve got Premium Bonds you’ll benefit from receiving your prizes the quickest possible way – you’ll usually have the money in your bank account before others have received their cheque through the post!

How to go paper-free:

  1. Log in
  2. Go to Your profile in the top menu
  3. Click Paperless options

Which accounts can be paper-free?

You can go paper-free for all accounts except for our Investment Account.

If you have won a Premium Bonds prize we'd love to hear from you