Managing your maturing investments

Wondering what to do when you receive a maturity letter?

There are delays to UK postal services, so please allow extra time when you're sending or expecting to receive something.

If you’ve recently received a letter from us telling you that your fixed-term investment is reaching the end of its term, you may be wondering what to do next. Not heard from us yet? Don’t worry – we’ll contact you around a month before the end of your investment term. You don’t need to do anything until you hear from us.

What are my options?

You’ll normally be able to renew your investment for another fixed term or cash it in and get your money back. Your maturity letter will explain your options in more detail and let you know the interest rates on offer if you want to renew.

If you are able to manage your maturity options from your online account we’ll let you know in your maturity letter if you can do this. You can log in using your NS&I number and password, and then select View maturity options from your dashboard. You can find your NS&I number on the letter or email that we'll send you.

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If I renew my investment, when will you confirm this?

Normally, you’ll receive confirmation of your renewed investment in your online account the day your investment matures. If you still receive documents through the post, you’ll need to allow a few extra days for the confirmation to arrive.

When will I get my money if I cash in my investment?

Your money will normally be in your bank account on the day your investment matures, although it may take a little longer if your investment is due to mature on a weekend, bank holiday (usually the next banking day) or during very busy periods. Just make sure you give us your instructions to cash in at least two banking days before your investment matures, and allow time for it to reach us through the post.

What if I have an investment that’s no longer on sale?

Our Investment Guaranteed Growth Bonds and Children’s Bonds are no longer available. But you can still hold these Bonds until the end of their fixed term. Around a month before the end of the term, we’ll contact you to explain what your options are. You don’t need to contact us before that.

We’ve made some changes to our Guaranteed Growth Bonds and Guaranteed Income Bonds

Previously, we gave you access to your investment before the end of its term but charged a penalty equal to 90 days' interest on any money you took out early. Now, once you’ve decided to invest, you won’t have access to your money until the Bond reaches the end of its term.

So, if you’re thinking about renewing your Bond, but you think you might need access to your money during your new term, you may want to consider a different type of account.

Need more help?

We’ve listed all of our maturing investments, as well as what you can do if we no longer offer your type of investment after maturity.

Managing your maturing investments

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