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Phone call scams

Fraudsters will often use calls to trick you into handing over your money or personal information

What is vishing?

Vishing is a phone call scam where a fraudster pretends to be calling from a genuine company. Often they’ll try to trick you into handing something over, whether that be money or your personal information such as bank account numbers or online banking passwords.

If you’re suspicious of an unsolicited call you have received claiming to be from NS&I, here are some tips to help keep yourself and your account safe:

  • If you are unsure of the caller, do not disclose personal or security details until you have confirmed that the caller is genuine
  • We’ll never ask you to transfer money into a ‘safe account’ for fraud prevention purposes
  • We’ll never ask you to give your password in full over the phone
  • We'll never call you to ask for confirmation of a two-factor authentication code
  • You can always call NS&I back using a trusted telephone number from our website or any of the paperwork you’ve received from us

If you’ve received a suspicious phone call, or you’d like confirmation that a call is genuinely from NS&I, please call us straight away on 08085 007 007.

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