Two-factor authentication help

We’ve introduced some changes to the way you log in to your online account – these changes include new and improved security features such as two-factor authentication. To make sure you continue to have a seamless experience when logging in, you’ll need to make sure that you’re using a supported browser.
What is two-factor authentication?

Browser requirements

A browser is the tool that lets you view and use our website and online service. You need to update your browser from time-to-time to make sure your browsing experience is secure and works correctly.

Our online service works with most commonly used browsers and devices, but some browsers and older versions are not compatible. To access our online service you must be using one of the following browsers – ideally with the most up-to-date version installed. Click on the name of your chosen browser to find out how to update to the latest version.

Supported browsers

  • Safari version 11 or later for macOS and iOS 
  • Google Chrome version 60 or later on Windows, Android, macOS and iOS 
  • Microsoft Edge version 79 or later for Windows and macOS 
  • Mozilla Firefox version 56 or later for Windows and macOS (Firefox for Mobile is not supported)
  • Opera version 60.3 or later for Windows and macOS (Opera Touch is not supported)

Unsupported browsers

We don’t support Samsung Internet, Internet Explorer, Amazon Silk, and Facebook mobile. If you are using a browser that we don’t support, you will need to download and install one of the five browsers we do support otherwise you will likely encounter problems using our website and accessing our online service.

Still having problems?

If you’ve updated your browser (or switched to a different browser) and you’re still having problems using our site, a few things could have happened. Here are some things we recommend you do to help resolve the issue:

  • Check your update or installation hasn’t failed (download again if needed)
  • Set your newly-installed browser as your default browser
  • Make sure you are not using private browsing (incognito mode)
  • Check you have a good and stable internet connection
  • Check for any problems with your device settings or storage
  • Check the time and date on your device are correct

If you are using a shared network such as a virtual private network (VPN), public WiFi or workplace network, you may need to check local internet security setting or speak to the IT administrator.

One-time passcodes

When logging in to your online account, we’ll need to mark the browser you’re using as ‘trusted’. As part of this process, we’ll send you a one-time passcode to your phone number to make sure it’s really you.

  • If your phone number is a mobile, you’ll receive a text message*
  • If your phone number is a landline number, you’ll receive an automated phone call

*If you’re outside the UK, you’ll receive an automated phone call to your mobile number

When you receive your code, simply enter it on the screen, follow the steps and we’ll then mark the browser or device you're using as trusted. Normally, you’ll only need to repeat these steps if you log in using a different device or browser; but you may also need to repeat these steps if you’ve cleared your cookies or updated your browser software.

Why am I not receiving an automated phone call?

Your phone network could be automatically blocking the call or sending it to a junk voicemail folder. To unblock the call, you may need to add the following numbers to your networks VIP list:

08085 007 007

Why do I keep going back to the log in page after entering the passcode?

If you’re experiencing this problem, it’s likely that you’re using an unsupported browser (or an old version of a supported browser). Switching or updating your browser should fix this problem.

Managing your trusted devices

If you’ve recently updated your browser software, cleared your cookies or you’re using private browsing (incognito mode), you will need to re-authenticate by receiving a new one-time passcode.

Once you’ve done this, we recommend reviewing your trusted devices and removing access from any out-of-date browsers and devices you no longer use.

You can do this in the ‘Your details’ section of your online account.

Your new PIN 

We’ve introduced a 6-digit PIN as an alternative piece of security information. You’ll be able to use it in the future instead of your password when you call us.

We’ll ask you to choose your PIN after you’ve used a one-time passcode for the first time. After that, you can change it at any time by logging in.

How do I create a strong PIN?

For your security, your 6-digit PIN should consist of a mix of numbers that are difficult to guess. Never use birthdays or other memorable dates. 

You won’t be able to choose a PIN that uses familiar sequences (like 123… 321) or the same number more than twice in a row (like 111… 222).

How can I change my PIN?

- Log in at

- Go to Your profile

- Click Your details

- Scroll down to PIN