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What can I manage online and by phone?

What is the online and phone service?

It's a quick, easy and secure way for you to manage your NS&I savings and investments online and by phone. You can do all this and more, in your own time:

  • check your NS&I investments
  • pay money in and take it out
  • review your transactions
  • change your details
  • choose to have your Premium Bonds prizes paid straight to your bank account

Also, once you’ve registered, it will be quicker and easier to apply for a new investment online and by phone as we’ll already have all your details.

If you’ve opened an account online or by phone, you’ve already registered. Simply log in or call us to manage your account.

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Or you can register now - you can be up and running in a few minutes.

Register for our online and phone service

  • Accounts

    You can use our online and phone service if you have:

    • Premium Bonds
    • Income Bonds
    • Direct Saver
    • Junior ISA (online only)
    • Direct ISA

    The Investment Account is not eligible for our online and phone service.

    Register here

  • Fixed term investments

    You can use our online and phone service if you have

    • Children’s Bonds
    • Fixed Interest Savings Certificates
    • Guaranteed Growth Bonds
    • Guaranteed Income Bonds
    • Investment Guaranteed Growth Bonds (online only)
    • Index-linked Savings Certificates
  • Can’t find your certificate?

    If you can't find your certificate, please write to us with your full name and address and as many details about the investment as you can remember – we’ll then send you a replacement certificate.

    Write to us

  • Queue to log in during busy periods

    Sometimes when our website is exceptionally busy, there may be a short queue before you can log in or apply for a new account. If this happens, you’ll see a screen that will let you know your estimated wait time. The screen will look different to an NS&I screen, but don’t worry – it’s provided by Queue-it, the company we use to manage our online queue.

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