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'Premium Bonds have I won?'

Ask Alexa to check your Premium Bonds for prizes every month!

NS&I Premium Bonds prize checker on Alexa

This is a fun interactive way of finding out if you are one of our many lucky winners every month. To get started just open the Skill on the Alexa app and follow the steps.

You’ll need your NS&I number or holder’s number, if it’s for a child we’ll need their holder’s number.

You can add up to 10 NS&I numbers or holders numbers. To make it easier for you when checking each month, you’ll get the opportunity to choose a nickname for each one. That way you won’t need to remember all the NS&I numbers or holders numbers.

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app preview
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What can I do

What can I do:

  • “Ask Premium Bonds have I won this month”
  • “Ask Premium Bonds when are the next prize draw results”
  • “Ask Premium Bonds to add another number”
  • “Ask Premium Bonds to remove a number”
  • “Ask Premium Bonds to check which numbers I’ve setup”
  • “Ask Premium Bonds how is my data kept safe”

Terms of use

Terms of use

Welcome to NS&I’s prize checker voice applications for Premium Bonds. These terms of use are an agreement between you and NS&I, so please read them carefully before using the voice applications. Please also see our privacy notice to find out how our voice apps use your data:

We may change these terms of use at any time. You can find the most up to date version at

By continuing to use the voice applications, we’ll consider that you have accepted any changes to the terms of use, so please check from time to time to make sure you have seen the latest version.

  • What are NS&I’s prize checker voice applications?

    Our prize checker voice apps are available through using some voice devices (for example Amazon Alexa). Where available, you can check for any prize wins by voice command and receive information in return. You can also find out if you have any unclaimed prizes.
  • Who can use the voice applications

    The voice applications are for Premium Bonds holders and you must either;

    • be aged at least 16 to check for yourself or others
    • be aged under 16 and have the consent of your parent or guardian to check for yourself (provided you are able to accept these terms of use)
    • or be responsible for a child’s Premium Bonds holding as the nominated parent or guardian.

    You can use the voice applications on behalf of family or friends but you must have their permission to do so and make them aware of these terms of use.

  • How to set up the voice applications

    You will need to have a compatible voice device. After downloading the voice applications and accepting these terms of use, you will need to provide the NS&I numbers or Premium Bonds holder’s numbers for the holdings you want to check. (Children’s holdings can only be checked by providing their Premium Bonds holder’s number.)

  • Using the voice applications

    The voice applications allow you to use your voice device to interact with NS&I’s prize checking service. You can obtain information about prizes you have won through voice interactions. Any questions or commands given to your voice device are treated as being made by you, and any response by your voice device will be taken to be authorised by you.

    To use the voice application, you must activate it from your voice device. You can switch it on or off at any time.

    The voice applications will read out prize winnings, including high value prizes, regardless of your location, meaning that other people nearby may overhear this. For this reason, please be careful where and when you use the voice applications.

  • Your information

    The services are performed and controlled by your voice device providers who may record, keep and use data about your interactions with the device and/or the applications. By accepting this agreement, you agree that they may do this. Please see their privacy policy to find out more about how they collect and use your data.

  • Rights

    The voice applications are for your own personal, non-commercial use only.

    We and our partners own all proprietary rights in the voice applications. You will not have any right to the voice applications apart from the right to use them in line with these terms.

    Nothing in these terms affects any legal rights you have as a consumer. To find out more about your legal rights, contact your local consumer advisory body.

  • Third party security

    Depending on the security settings of your device, it may be possible for you to allow other users access to the voice applications. If you do this, you accept all liability and responsibility for how the voice applications and any information obtained from them are accessed and used. We will not be liable for any use of the voice applications by other users who have access to your device, whether authorised or not.

  • Costs

    We provide the voice applications to you free of charge. If you access the voice applications by using mobile data, your network provider may charge you for any data you use.

  • Accuracy, responsibility & liability

    We do not design or manufacture your voice device so we have no control over it. It’s possible that the device may not hear you properly, may misinterpret what you say, or may say something to you that is different from the information that we disclose to your voice device provider in response to your question. We accept no responsibility or liability for any damage, loss, liabilities, injury or disappointment that may occur or be suffered by you or any third party as a result of using the voice applications, including as a result of us and/or our partners, or your voice device provider, giving inaccurate, untimely or incomplete information. We shall not be liable for any failure to comply with our obligations where the failure is caused by something outside our reasonable control.

    If you are provided with any information that gives you cause for query or concern, then you should check your Premium Bonds holding directly with us by logging in to your account at or by calling us.

  • Ending or changing the voice applications

    You can deactivate the voice application on your voice device at any time.

    We may suspend or change the voice applications immediately for any reason, including where we need to carry out repair or maintenance work. We may add new capabilities from time to time but we are not obliged to offer any particular features. We can withdraw the voice applications at any time.

Privacy notice

Privacy notice

You can find our privacy notice here.

Privacy notice