Prize checker app terms of use

Before you get started, you’ll need to agree to our terms of use. In a nutshell these are:

  • To use this app you must enter a valid Premium Bonds holder’s number or NS&I number. If you enter another person’s number on their behalf, you must have their permission.
  • If you want the app to remember and store a number, you must enter a name for each one.
  • You have the option to set up a PIN to make the app more secure. If your device is used by someone else (with or without your permission) and you have not set up a PIN, they will be able to see any information shown by the app, including the value of any prizes.
  • When you use the app, we also collect information about how you use it. This is optional and is subject to your consent, which you can provide the first time you use the app. You can change your consent within the app at any time.
  • These terms of use are in addition to the terms for your NS&I account(s) and the general terms for saving with NS&I.

It’s important you read the full terms of use here.

By using this application (“app”), you accept these terms of use.

This app is intended to be used in, and by the residents of, the UK, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man only. If you use this app in any other manner, you must make sure that such use is permitted by local law and any other law that may apply to you.

NS&I will not charge you for this app, but your network provider may charge you for any data you may use in downloading and accessing it. If you use this app outside the UK, remember that your network provider’s data charges may be higher.

This app can be used through entering either a Premium Bonds holder’s number or an NS&I number. It allows you to store your number and/or other people’s numbers. For a child’s holding, only their Premium Bonds holder’s number can be used. If you choose to store a number belonging to someone else, you must have their permission or permission from the nominated parent/guardian in respect of a child’s holding.

You will be required to enter a name within the parameters permitted, for each Premium Bond holder’s number or NS&I number you choose to store. The app will display the name with the number being partially obscured.