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Register for our online
and phone service


Thank you for choosing to use our online and phone service.

This is an easy way for you to securely manage selected accounts and investments with us.

Who can register?

To register, you must be aged at least 16 with one or more of the following NS&I accounts or investments:

  • 65+ Guaranteed Growth Bonds
  • Premium Bonds
  • Investment Guaranteed Growth Bonds (online only)
  • Direct ISA
  • Junior ISA (online only)
  • Direct Saver
  • Income Bonds
  • Children's Bonds
  • Index-linked Savings Certificates
  • Fixed Interest Savings Certificates
  • Guaranteed Growth Bonds
  • Guaranteed Income Bonds

The Investment Account is not eligible for our online and phone service.

New to NS&I?

If you recently applied for one of our products online or by phone, you're already registered. You just need to wait until you receive your NS&I number (and temporary password if you applied by phone).

What information is needed?

To complete your registration, we need:

  • your name, date of birth, address and contact details
  • any one of your holder's/account numbers or your NS&I number
  • details of an NS&I product you hold (other than Investment Account)

You can find these numbers on statements, certificates or other correspondence from us. You only need to quote one number from one of the accounts or investments you hold with us. We will find any other NS&I investments you hold under the same name and date of birth.

We need this information to identify you and your holdings.

Please answer all the questions otherwise we can't complete your registration.