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How do I go paperless?

What is ‘going paperless’?

When you go paperless, we’ll stop sending you paper records through the post. Instead you can view your transaction history online. You’ll also be able to view an online version of the following documents:

  • account statements we send you every year

  • the information pack we send when a fixed term investment is about to mature

  • product key features and terms and conditions

  • the statement we send when you close an account

What products can be paperless?

We offer a paperless service for:

  • Investment Guaranteed Growth Bonds

  • 65+ Guaranteed Growth Bonds

  • Premium Bonds

  • Income Bonds

  • Direct Saver

  • Direct ISA

And, if you invested in or renewed on or after 20 September 2012:

  • Index-linked Savings Certificates

  • Fixed Interest Savings Certificates

  • Guaranteed Growth Bonds

  • Guaranteed Income Bonds

How do I go paperless?

If you're not already registered for our online and phone service, you’ll need to register.

Register for our online and phone service

Once you’re registered, log in and set your paperless options:

  1. Log in
  2. Go to Your profile in the top menu
  3. Click Paperless options