Tracking down lost investments

Do you think you might have savings with us, but you’ve lost the details? Or do you think a relative or client maybe had an NS&I account before they died?

Use our dedicated Tracing Service

All you need to do is download and print a paper form and post it to us.

Form to track down lost savings

Please note: this form can only be used to request a trace for NS&I accounts or investments.

  • Apply online with My Lost Account

    My Lost Account is associated with UK Finance and the Building Societies Association (BSA). You can use it to trace old accounts with other providers, as well as NS&I.

    Simply visit:

    What happens next

    After you apply, we’ll contact you if we need any more information or documents. We aim to confirm any accounts or investments within a month of the date we receive your application. But it might take longer at busy times, so please bear with us.

    Applying for other people

    You can only ask for a trace for someone else if you are legally entitled to act on their behalf, for example under a Power of Attorney or as an Executor. If you want to ask for a trace for more than one person, you’ll need to make a separate application for each one.

    If you need more help

    Please read our Tracing Service brochure. It tells you everything you'll need to know about our Tracing Service and how to use it.

    Tracing Service brochure