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How we announce prize winner locations

We set rules to protect everyone's identity when announcing prize winners - find out how this works.

Seeing where the luckiest prize winning areas are each month is part of the fun of Premium Bonds. But to protect winners’ anonymity and help keep their personal details private, we set some rules around revealing prize winning locations.

Announcing the winners without revealing where they live

Each customer is assigned to a town, local authority, county or Government Standard Region and country. When a winner is assigned to a town with less than 100,000 holders assigned to it, then we use the following hierarchy until we find a level where that area has at least 100,000 Premium Bonds holders:

Level 1 Royal Mail Postcode Address File (PAF) Town (like Blackpool)
Level 2 County or Local Authority (like Lancashire)
Level 3 Government Standard Region (like North West)
Level 4 Country (like England)

For large towns and cities that are divided into local authorities or boroughs, we quote the area with the fewest customers over the 100,000 reporting limit. This may mean the list quotes a local authority area or borough instead of the town or city.

For Premium Bonds holders living outside the UK, we only publish the country when there are at least 100,000 holders living there. Otherwise, we publish the area as ‘overseas’.

We update the list of areas from time to time as the number of Premium Bonds holders in each area changes.

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