Ask NS&I

Welcome to the test website where you’ll be able to try out different scenarios using Ask NS&I.

You'll need to accept all cookies and refresh the page, before you can see the blue Ask NS&I icon. If you’ve previously rejected cookies on, please use a private/incognito window to complete the test. 

The blue icon in the bottom right hand corner looks like this: White message icons in blue circle

Below, you’ll see each scenario to test. It would be great if you could complete at least two, but there’s no limit. We’d love for you to test them all if you have time! When you’re done, please complete the survey to help us understand what your experience was like using the feature.

You can also use Ask NS&I for any other questions you may have, outside of the scenarios we’ve given you. Bear in mind that Ask NS&I is a new feature, so it may not have all the answers yet.

When using this new feature and completing the survey, please remember not to identify yourself or others, or provide any information about your account. This test will not offer you the chance to speak to an available agent.

Please note that none of the information you tell the Ask NS&I feature, will be linked back to NS&I. Additionally, NS&I will not be able to identify you from your survey responses.

You’ll now be taken back to the community, where you can let us know about your experience in a short survey.