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Privacy notice

Changes to UK data privacy law - General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

One of the biggest changes to UK data privacy law comes into effect on 25 May 2018. The General Data Protection Regulation, also known as GDPR, means that you’ll have more control over how your data is used. And it ensures that organisations protect your personal data better.

To reflect these changes and new obligations, we are updating our privacy notice which will tell you what we do with your personal data, how it’s used and your rights as an individual under the new law.

The new privacy notice will be available from 25 May at or you can contact us after that date and we’ll send you a copy of it.

Website privacy policy and social media policy

Our privacy policy sets out what information we collect, how we use it and under what circumstances we will share it with other parties. NS&I is committed to keeping your personal information secure and confidential. By using our website, you agree to the use of this information in accordance with the following provisions.

Visitors to our website

Our website does not capture or store personal information, other than what you tell us when submitting a form. Tools, such as calculators, do not store the information you enter. We may track the number of visitors to the website, but this tracking will not personally identify you. We use cookies to collect information on website usage, and to enable some of the website's services.

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Live chat

If you have a question, sometimes it’s not convenient to call. That’s one reason we’ve introduced our online chat service. When using our Live chat we may ask you to provide personal information such as your name, email address and other information such as the reason for the chat. We ask for this to help us give you the best service and for training and quality purposes. We may also invite you to take part in an optional short post-chat survey.

We are committed to keeping your personal information secure and confidential. We won’t share your personal information from Live chat with any third parties or use it for marketing purposes. We will not transfer any of your personal information from Live chat outside the European Economic Area.

How we use your information

We may use any information you give us about yourself and others to:

  • manage your account(s) and investment(s);
  • carry out regulatory checks to meet our legal obligations;
  • prevent and detect crime;
  • keep you up to date with information about your account(s) and investment(s);
  • develop, test and improve our products and services;
  • conduct market research and product analysis;
  • undertake anonymised statistical analysis (we won’t be able to identify individuals from this data);
  • provide you with marketing material, which may be tailored to your individual needs, when we have your permission to do so;
  • run competitions, events and promotional activities.

We may monitor or record telephone calls for training, customer service and quality assurance purposes

We treat all information we hold about you as private and confidential. We will not reveal any personal details or details concerning your accounts and investments to anyone not connected with NS&I, unless:

  • you ask us to reveal the information, or we have your permission to do so;
  • we are required or permitted to do so by law;
  • it is required by law enforcement, fraud prevention or credit reference agencies; or
  • there is a duty to the public to reveal the information, eg to other government bodies, tax authorities or regulatory bodies.

When you give us information about another person, you need to confirm that you have been appointed to act on behalf of that other person. This includes providing consent to process that other person’s data as set out in this policy.

We may send your data outside of the European Economic Area. However, we will ensure it is processed and handled in line with the UK Data Protection Act 1998.

Premium Bonds

We publish winning Premium Bonds numbers on our website, together with the value of the prize won, the value of the Bond and the holding, the date the Bond was bought and the area where the Bond holder lives. The individual Bond holders cannot be identified from these details. For audit purposes and to maintain the integrity of the prize draw process, we keep information about Premium Bonds holders and their Bonds after a holding is closed.

Data Subject Access Requests

You have a right under the Data Protection Act to see the personal information we hold about you. If you make a Data Subject Access Request under the Act, there may be a small charge - if so, we’ll let you know. Fill in and sign the form below and post it to us to make a request. (You don’t have to use the form but you’ll need to give us the same details.)

Data Subject Access Request form

Keeping you informed

We may send you details of offers from NS&I and we sometimes use other companies to deliver them on our behalf. We won't allow them to use your details for anything else. We won't share your personal information with other companies for their marketing purposes without your consent. To change your marketing preferences, log in or write to us.

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NS&I on social media

NS&I manages a presence on social media networks and their apps and websites to engage with and assist our UK customers. By engaging with us on social media you agree to the following provisions.

We monitor social networks for comments about NS&I and our products and services. We do this for training purposes and to help improve our products and services. Any comments or posts may be used for internal or external publication by NS&I or any organisation working on our behalf.

We try to read all comments made on official NS&I social network accounts. We will consider any themes or helpful suggestions but we don’t guarantee that they will be acted upon. We don’t guarantee to reply individually to all messages.

Social networks may sometimes be unavailable and we accept no responsibility for lack of service due to downtime or other events beyond our control.

Remember, your social network posts are not private and may be read by the general public. We’ll never ask you to post personal information or NS&I account or security information on social networks and you should never do so. This includes private messaging, with the exception that we may on occasion ask you to provide your name and telephone number privately to allow us to help you further.

NS&I accepts no responsibility for any personal data you post to social networks or websites. They may store your personal data outside the EU. Please read their privacy policies carefully. We do not endorse any social networks or websites, nor do we endorse any information posted by users of social media networks or websites. We are only responsible for information posted on social networks and websites by NS&I. We don’t give investment, tax or other professional advice. You may want to get independent financial advice before making investment decisions.

The use of social networks does not override the existing, official channels operated by NS&I and those for which we are held accountable to Parliament and to the Public. Nor does it affect your rights under the law, for example your right of access to official information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

We cannot engage in issues of party politics or answer questions that break the rules of our Social network comments policy.

Social network comments policy

Where NS&I is responsible for moderating social network comments, we reserve the right to ignore, remove, limit or suspend a comment or responses without prior notice if any of the following apply:

  • It is offensive, indecent, defamatory, obscene or vulgar;
  • It can reasonably be considered as harassment of, insulting to, or likely to provoke or offend other people or organisations;
  • It includes any personal details or details of your or anyone else's NS&I accounts or investments;
  • It speculates about the identity of any person or persons involved in fulfilling the role of Agent Million;
  • It is spam (e.g. is posted multiple times);
  • It could break the law or condone or encourage unlawful activity;
  • It advertises or promotes products or services which are not connected to NS&I business;
  • It includes material obtained in violation of copyright, in breach of a licence agreement or that may violate any intellectual property rights;
  • It makes reference to issues of party politics;
  • It could reasonably be expected to embarrass or compromise NS&I (although comments that disagree with NS&I are allowed);
  • It is designed to mislead people about who originated it, including misuse of signatures;
  • It includes any form of gaming, lottery or betting or any form of share dealing;
  • It could contravene, or condone or encourage a breach of the Computer Misuse Act.

Intellectual property rights

Copyright in the posts, images and videos that we place on social media, and information and material in their arrangement, is owned by or licensed to National Savings and Investments unless otherwise noted. You may print, copy, download, or temporarily store extracts from our pages for your personal information, or when you use our products and services. You may not alter anything. Any other use is prohibited unless you first get our written permission.

Any permission to reproduce copyright material does not extend to any material which is identified as being the copyright of a third party. Authorisation to reproduce such material must be obtained from the copyright holders concerned.

Changes to this privacy policy

We’ll update this page whenever our privacy policy changes in any way. If you have any questions or feedback about how we use your data, contact us.

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