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Our websites make use of cookies to collect data in order to administer the websites and to enable its services.

About cookies

Cookies are small items of data, created when you visit a website and stored on your computer. We use both permanent and session cookies. Session cookies are automatically deleted when you close all of your browser windows. Permanent cookies expire at a defined future date.

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How we use cookies

We do not use cookies to track you or profile your activity on other websites.

We collect information about how you use our website. For example, which pages you visit and your online experiences. These cookies enable us to maintain our website and ensure customers get the best online experience. These cookies don't collect any information that could identify you - all the information collected is anonymous.

We also use cookies to store your preferences for accessibility and other website options. Some of our cookies are essential to the operation of the website, for example making online transactions and forms work properly.

You may delete or block cookies from our websites, but parts of the websites may no longer work as expected and your options will no longer be remembered.

Cookie list

A list of all the cookies we use can be found below.

This list is intended to include all the cookies placed on your computer when you visit our website. Please bear in mind that there may sometimes be a short delay in updating this list.

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Our online banking website (

Cookie Purpose Type
Session cookie
Session cookie
Session cookie
Session cookie
Session cookie
Session cookie
Session cookie
Session cookie
Session cookie
Session cookie
Session cookie
CONSENTMGR Reflects the state of the visitor's consent and the timestamp Permanent cookie
utag_main Anonymised Universal tag used for maintaining several first party cookies and help us collect information about how customers use our website Permanent cookie

Adviser website (

Cookie Purpose Type
TEXT_SIZE Stores your preferred font-size Permanent cookie
popCookieStatus Records whether you have accepted the cookie warning Permanent cookie
mySheet Persistently stores your preferred website theme (Default or High Contrast) so that it reappears on your next visit Permanent cookie
cookieStatus Records whether you have accepted the cookie warning Permanent cookie
cookieenabledcheck Records whether you have enabled cookies Session cookie
_utmz Google Analytics Cookies – anonymous unique identifiers used to track first-time and returning website visitors.You can opt out here: Permanent cookie
_utmc Session cookie
_utmb Permanent cookie
_utma Permanent cookie
_atuvc Permanent cookie