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Investment Guaranteed Growth Bonds

Investment Guaranteed Growth Bonds
What you need to know

Information for existing customers

Our Investment Guaranteed Growth Bonds are no longer on sale.

Already have a Bond? See below for all the information you need to keep track of your investment.

Managing your Bonds

Log in at any time to check the balance or cash in your Bond. You’ll need to have your NS&I number and password to hand.

Log in

Shortly after the end of each tax year we’ll send you a statement showing the interest earned and the value of your Bond.

  • Interest and Tax

    Your Bond is earning a fixed rate of interest, guaranteed for the length of the term you invested in.

    We calculate the interest daily and add it to your Bond on each anniversary of investment, so you get the benefit of compound interest.

    The interest is taxable, but paid without any tax taken off. Basic rate taxpayers now have a tax-free Personal Savings Allowance of £1,000 on the interest earned on their savings (£500 for higher rate taxpayers). The interest you earn on your Investment Guaranteed Growth Bonds counts towards your Personal Savings Allowance, together with any interest you earn from other taxable savings.

    Find out more about interest and tax

  • What happens at the end of a term?

    Your Investment Guaranteed Growth Bond is a special Issue, so we can’t guarantee that another Issue will be available when your Bond matures.

    Around a month before the end of the 3-year term, we’ll contact you to explain the options available at that time.

    Don’t forget to let us know of any change of address or contact details so we can get in touch.

    How do I change my address and other details?

Cashing in early

Investment Guaranteed Growth Bonds are designed to be held for the whole of the 3-year investment term. You can cash in your Bond at the end of the 3-year term with no penalty.

You can also cash in before that, but we will deduct a penalty from your payment equivalent to 90 days’ interest on the amount cashed in.

When you cash in part of a Bond, at least £100 must remain in the Bond to keep it open.

  • How to cash in

    Log in at any time with your NS&I number and password to hand.

    Log in

    How long will it take?

    We’ll send your payment within three working days.