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Why save with us - Our commitment

Our commitment to you

We are committed to offering a high standard of service to our customers and acting with integrity in all our dealings with you. As a government agency, NS&I is not regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority), but we choose to work within the spirit of the FCA guidelines, in particular the Treating Customers Fairly principles.

We always aim to:

  • balance the needs of our customers with our role of providing cost effective finance to government

  • offer accounts and investments without nasty surprises or hidden catches and explain them in ways and language which suit the customers they are aimed at

  • provide enough information in a suitable way to allow our customers to make an informed decision

  • ensure our advertising and promotional material is clear, fair and not misleading

And when you become a customer, we will keep your personal details secure and confidential.

Find out more about our privacy policy >

Find out more about Treating Customers Fairly >

Every year as part of our reporting process and to measure our performance in relation to our overall objectives NS&I and HM Treasury agree a set of Service Delivery Measures (SDMs). Our results are set out in our Annual report.

Find out more here

Satisfied customers

Keeping our customers happy is one of our top priorities. Every month a research company carries out a survey to check how satisfied our customers are with the service we provide. We use the feedback from the survey to identify where we can improve.

See our customer satisfaction survey results >

The quality of our service

As well as conducting research amongst our customers, we also employ an independent company to mystery shop our telephone and email service.  We use the results to improve the quality of our service.

See our mystery shopping results

How long do our processes take?

We aim to provide our customers with a simple and straightforward service carried out promptly and efficiently. We set ourselves standards for the opening or cashing in of an account or investment as well as for key services you may need from us while you’re with NS&I.

See our timescales

Not happy with our service?

If we make a mistake we’ll aim to put things right quickly and without fuss. And if you have a complaint, we have a procedure designed to resolve it fairly. If you’re still not happy you may have the right to refer your complaint to the independent Financial Ombudsman Service. We aim to be a leader among financial businesses in resolving disputes, by ensuring they are dealt with efficiently and resolved satisfactorily.  

Read our performance results on how we have handled complaints>

To find out more, download our complaints procedure leaflet

Or call us and we’ll send you a printed copy.


Our customer engagement strategy

NS&I is one of the largest savings organisations in the UK, and to maintain this level of success it is vital for us to understand our customers’ needs, attitudes and behaviours as well as their views of the services and savings and investments we offer. It is also important for us to establish dialogue with our customers. To help do this, as part of our day-to-day business, we engage with our customers in a range of different ways.

Read our customer engagement strategy

Reuniting you with lost or forgotten savings

If you think you may have old savings or investments with us, we’ll help you track down your money.

Find out more about our tracing service >

And if you have any dormant savings or investments in banks or building societies as well as NS&I, there’s a free service designed to make searching for lost accounts quicker and easier.


Helping you find out more about money

You and your money is brought to you by NS&I to provide a range of practical information for those who want to improve their understanding of personal finance, but don’t know where to start. You and your money is written by independent experts.

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Another independent source of information about personal finance is the Money Advice Service™. This website has information, tools and step-by-step guides on topics such as cards and loans, mortgages, insurance, tax and benefits.

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