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Premium Bonds prize checker

See if you have won in the December 2014 draw


Enter your holder’s number

We normally update the prize checker by the third working day of each month.

Do you have unclaimed prizes?

As at 28 July 2014 we are holding over one million unclaimed Premium Bond prizes worth more than £50 million.

After 18 months, prizes that haven't been cashed in are classified as unclaimed.

There's no time limit for claiming prizes and it's easy to check to see if you've won.

High value winners

Find out where the big winners are! Our high value winners list gives the Bond numbers and locations of the lucky winners of prizes from £5,000 to £1 million. We also list the £1,000 winners.

And you can view all the winning Bond numbers from the last 6 months' draws.

Increase your chances of winning

Did you know?

Premium Bonds have a rich and fascinating history. ERNIE has been picking the numbers of the lucky winners for over 50 years and the top prize has grown from £1,000 to £1 million! We tell ERNIE’s story here and separate fact from fiction.