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Contact us - Proof of identity

Proof of identity and address

Under the Money Laundering Regulations, in common with all banks and building societies, we are required to verify the identity and address of our customers before we can accept an application.

Customers who live in the UK

To do this we may make electronic checks using data from a third party, including information from the Electoral Register. They will keep records of the checks whether or not an application proceeds, but these will not be seen by any other companies.

We may use scoring methods. We may also ask you to send us documents to confirm your identity and address. If so, we will write to you with a list of the documents needed.

If you provide information about another person as part of the application, you are also confirming that they have appointed you to give their consent to the processing of their personal data.

This means that you have told them who we are and that their personal data will be processed, including to check their name and address. This also applies to trust holdings, where the trustees’, beneficiaries’ and any other person with control over the trust details must be verified, and to investments made under a Power of Attorney.

Applications for children

Where an application to invest is made on behalf of a child under 16, we need to verify the identity and address of everyone named on the application. This includes the child, the nominated parent or guardian and the applicant, where the applicant is not the nominated parent or guardian.

To do this we may need to request documents to confirm the identity and address of any, or all, of those individuals. If so, we will write with details at the time.

Live outside the UK?

We can’t make electronic checks outside the UK so you need to send us a certified copy* of certain documents for all persons named on the application who live outside the UK. These documents are:

For a child under 16 living outside the UK you need to send a certified copy* of their birth certificate instead of the documents above.

If you are a European Union resident, you also need to include the following details for each person:

Please use a separate sheet of paper for this information. We can’t accept your application if it doesn’t include all documents and details required.

Check local regulations before buying. Purchases must be by cheque in £ sterling, drawn on a UK bank account in the name of the purchaser.

* ‘Certified copy’ means a copy certified by an Embassy, Consulate or High Commission of the country of issue or by a lawyer or attorney. The copy must be dated and signed and must include the following statement: “I certify that this is a true copy of the original [title of document] belonging to [your name]”. This statement must be in English.

Any relevant information on the document, such as name, address, date of birth and tax identification number, must be clearly labelled in English. When copying passports, you do not need to include any blank pages or pages containing visa stamps.

For residents of the Channel Islands and Isle of Man only, copies can be certified by a professional person (not retired) such as a banker, authorised financial intermediary, mortgage broker regulated by the local financial services regulator, teacher, doctor, minister of religion or civil servant.

The person signing the copy must give their full name, address and occupation.