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Changes - We're changing Guaranteed Growth Bonds

We’re changing Guaranteed Growth Bonds

Guaranteed Growth Bonds will start changing on 20 September 2012.

What’s new?
Here is a summary of what’s changing.

Financial changes

  • higher investment allowance
    We’ve increased the investment allowance to £1 million per person per Issue.

Looking after your investment

  • annual statements to help you keep track
    Shortly after the end of each tax year we’ll send you a statement for each Bond you hold, showing its value and how much interest you’ve earned.

  • new online and phone service
    This gives you a secure and convenient way to keep track of your money with NS&I and keep your details up to date.

Rules for investors

  • joint investors can combine their investment allowance
    If you invest jointly with another person, you can now combine your allowances and invest up to £2 million in each Issue (when on sale).

If you have an existing Guaranteed Growth Bond, don’t worry. The changes will only affect you if your Bond matures on or after 20 September 2012, and you choose to renew it for a further term. So you don’t need to do anything yet.

We’ll write to you around 30 days before your Bond matures, to remind you that it’s time to decide what to do with your money. We’ll include full details of the changes to your investment, together with information explaining your choices for renewing or cashing in.