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What can I do to keep my NS&I accounts safe?

Although managing your money online is usually safe, it’s your responsibility to keep your details secure, too. Here are a few tips:

  • Never tell another person your full password – not even someone who works for NS&I.
  • We recommend you don’t write down or record your password or security details.
  • Avoid choosing a password that’s easy to guess.
  • Avoid re-using passwords from other online accounts.
  • Be careful when you dispose of documents about your NS&I accounts – you may want to shred them first.
  • Check your NS&I statements regularly. See anything out of the ordinary? Then get in touch with us straight away.
Help with creating your password

You’ll find out more about staying safe online on these websites

Emails and phone calls - how can I tell if these are genuine?


  • We’ll never send you a direct link to the log in page.
  • We'll never send you emails asking for personal or security information to be returned by email, or to update or confirm your NS&I account details.
  • We’ll always address you by name. If an email starts with 'Dear Valued Customer' or something similar, it's likely to be a scam.

If you have a concern about an email that appears to be from NS&I, please send it to us immediately at:

We’ll investigate it but may not always reply to you personally.

Phone calls

  • We don’t ‘cold call’. We’ll never make unsolicited outbound calls to your landline or mobile.
  • We’ll only call you on a number you’ve given us if you’ve already contacted us and have requested a call back, or if we need more information about an enquiry or an application you’ve made.
  • If you receive an unsolicited call from someone claiming to be from NS&I, do not tell them any of your personal details. Please report it to us straight away using our published contact details.

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