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How can we help?

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

Problems logging in?

To log in you will need your NS&I number, surname and password.

  • What is an NS&I number and where can I find it?

    It's the unique identification number we sent you when you registered for our online and phone service (note that if you've opened an account online or by phone, you are automatically registered).

    You'll need your NS&I number and password whenever you log in or call us.

    You'll find it on any letter you've had from us since you've registered.

    Your NS&I number is 11 digits long and starts with an 11, 21, 31 or 41.

    If you can't find your NS&I number, you can get a reminder online:

    Get a reminder of your NS&I number

    Or call us.

    Call us

  • Forgotten your password or want to reset it?

    You can easily reset your password online, even if you have forgotten your current password.

    Choosing a good password is important as it will reduce the risk of your account being fraudulently accessed.

    To help you with this, we have some rules around creating a password.

    Help creating your password

    To reset your password please click the link below.

    Reset your password

  • Forgotten the answers to your security questions?

    Call us on 08085 007 007 and we can reset them for you over the phone. You’ll need your NS&I number and password to hand when you call us.

    Or you can download and complete an ‘Online and phone service forgotten security details’ form. Send it to us and we will post you a temporary password to the address on our records. You’ll then need to log in to change the temporary password to one of your own choice and reset your security questions.

    Downloads and forms

  • Queue to log in during busy periods

    Sometimes when our website is exceptionally busy, there may be a short queue before you can log in or apply for a new account. If this happens, you’ll see a screen that will let you know your estimated wait time. The screen will look different to an NS&I screen, but don’t worry – it’s provided by Queue-it, the company we use to manage our online queue.

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