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How do I change my text notification preferences?

To stop receiving operational text messages, text STOP1 to 88007 from the mobile number you are receiving the messages on. It may take up to 48 hours to update your preferences.

If you want to receive text notifications on a different mobile number you will need to update the number we have for you.

If you are registered for our online and phone service, you can update your preferences and phone numbers online or by phone.

To update your details online simply:

  • Log in / register
  • Click ‘Your profile’ in the top menu
  • Click ‘Your details’

Scroll down to your transactional text message preferences or your phone numbers and select ‘Change’

You can also update your text notification preferences and phone numbers by writing to us.

Write to us

To stop receiving Premium Bonds prize notifications by text you will need to log in or call us and update your Prize Options.