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Our savings and investments - Direct Saver - Saving by standing order

Direct Saver - Saving by standing order

The easy way to build up your savings

Setting up a standing order is the easiest way to build up your savings without even having to think about it.

Once it’s set up, your bank or building society will pay the same amount into your NS&I Direct Saver regularly. The minimum for each payment is £1.

Please note that you must have opened a Direct Saver and have received your account number before completing the standing order form. If you would like to open a Direct Saver, click the Apply now button below.

If you already hold a Direct Saver and would like to save regularly then there are two ways to do this:

You can cancel your standing order at any time by contacting your bank or building society.

Remember you can save up to £2 million per person. Please make sure that your standing order deposits will not exceed the limit (allowing for any other deposits as well).

To set up your standing order online you will need the following account information:

Direct Saver - Saving by standing order
Payee name National Savings and Investments
Account number 11994808
Sort code 08 31 35
Reference your NS&I Direct Saver account number*

* You must give your Direct Saver account number as the reference. Please enter your number without any hyphens, spaces or full stops.

To complete the printed form you’ll need: